El Tesoro Platinum - Traditionally Made Excellent Tequila

El Tesoro Platinum - Traditionally Made Excellent Tequila

El Tesoro Platinum blanco produced by Carlos Camarena at the old world distillery, La Alteña- NOM 1139 was built by Don Felipe de Jesús Camarena in 1937. It is located in Arandas, in the Los Altos (highlands) area of Jalisco. This fantastic blanco had eluded me, although I have the amazing Reposado in my collection. The blanco can be hard to find, so I had my local store special order it for me. Carlos Camarena has a delicious blanco here, well made and I placed it high up on My Top Blanco List. Carlos Camarena is a true Master Distiller, and no one doubts his skills. El Tesoro Platinum is a traditionally made tequila, and that includes using his own agaves, using open air wooden fermentation tanks, and distilled to proof in copper alembic stills. You can't go wrong here.

PRODUCTION- Selected agave plants are chosen from the distillery's estate. It is then horno cooked (slowly steamed for 36 hours and then cooled for another 36 hours), followed by 100% tahona crushing, according to Carlos. Camarena uses old large wooden fermentation tanks, a throwback to the old era, and is proud of how the fibers remain with the fermented liquid through the first distillation. The fermentation lasts 7-10 days. What is also special here is, the tequila is distilled twice with no additives, not even water to bring it down to 80 proof. It is distilled to the exact proof in copper pot stills and bottled within 24 hours after leaving the still.

Platinum BLANCO- about $50 and doubled distilled to 40 pr. I thought it was bold with medium oil, silky and smooth, sweet agave notes with nice butterscotch and butter, with some pepper and spice flavors. It also had some mild heat, but so delicious. You can smell the sweet agave, some olive brine, spice and silky buttery aromas. Really NICE!!

NOSE- spice, smoke, some cinnamon, pepper, sweet cooked agave, earthy, with some citrus (orange) and some olive brine and silky buttery aromas.

TASTE- medium oil, silky and smooth, some pepper and cinnamon with a nice small bite. Notes of spice and citrus with buttery, earthy and smoky notes. Some sweet agave notes and maybe a pinch of butterscotch and a slight vegetable presence.

FINISH- spice, a mild burn with light cinnamon, in a quick to medium finish.

A well made blanco, so silky and smooth to sip, with a bold flavorful feel to it. This Platinum blanco has it all, known as Olive Oil bottles (OO).... I love it.

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