Malinalli Review

Malinalli Review

Malinalli was the name of conquistador Herenan Cortes's lover and adviser, and considered the mother of the new Mexican people. She had an immense effect on Mexico, as the voice of Cortés, the voice of her people, and an enduring symbol of Mexico. She is also known as La Malinche, and her picture is on Malinalli Tequila.
This handcrafted, high end brand is made at NOM 1360 by Corporación Ansan, a state-of-the-art, family-owned distillery in El Arenal, Jalisco. This El Valle (lowland) tequila, comes in two classes only. Dmitry Aybender is one of the three co-founders of this premium high end tequila. Another principal Greg Prosmushkin has written a novel, using this tequila as the backstory called "Tequila Assassin, Malinalli Way". Alan Vaisberg (MBA) is the third principal, an eager and innovative mind, who embodies the entrepreneurial essence, and his passion for spirits brought him to this current venture.

Malinalli Extra Añejo and Malinalli Platinum are both excellent and critically acclaimed. We can talk about the awards that Malinalli tequilas have won in a short amount of time, but but let's get right to the juice. As seen in the pictures, the presentation is beautiful. The box/package, as well as this beautiful, classy bottle, are just stunning. The juice inside was just as great.

PRODUCTION- The estate grown agaves are steam cooked in autoclaves for 12 hours minimum. Then a shredder/roller is used, followed by a 5-7 day slow fermentation process in stainless tanks, using a proprietary strain of anaerobic yeast. This slow process is noticeable with the buttery, slight yeast aromas and taste in the platinum blanco. It is double distilled and the blanco is rested 30 days in stainless tanks.The Extra Añejo is put in American Oak for 4 years.

Malinalli Platinum Blanco- approx $50 (80 proof). The aroma is just wonderful. This is a delicious, clean, great tasting blanco, tasting like Ultra-premium expensive brands. I really loved it, as it has exquisite character, and I will be buying more of this, and I won't be wasting it in a mixed drink, but as a blanco treat (and I often like blanco treats). This is special juice, easily worth this price and more.

NOSE- sweet agave, pepper, slight spice, mint and maybe a pinch of licorice aromas. The herbal aroma is there, and has a hint of smoke in the back. It's slightly buttery, with some fruit, and a slight aroma of bread or yeast.

TASTE- medium oil, some smoke/tobacco notes, a nice heat, especially at first, smooth and silky, with a definite herbal edge, crisp and bold. There was a slight fruity taste and the mouthfeel is amazing.

FINISH- smooth and silky, with some pepper and spice, a nice agave and smoky exit.

Malinalli Extra Anejo - under 100.(80 proof). It has a nice golden/reddish color. Aged for at least 4 years in used american oak whisky barrels. This is a bold and flavorful Extra Añejo. It keeps a good amount of fresh agave taste and is smooth and silky. Surprisingly with the 4 year aging, this juice doesn't get lost with over oaky, barrel tastes. It's absolutely delicious. There is a lot going on here, but it's all in the right amount, it's balanced, very tasty and enjoyable.

NOSE- fresh, herbal and grassy. It has just a perfect balance of oak/bourbon aromas, with slight mint, lime, some nice caramel, pepper, a pinch of cinnamon and light vanilla. It has a nice hint of smoke, butterscotch and honey like aromas.

TASTE- a nice medium oil, a pinch of early heat that dissipates, a smokey, fruity, slightly vegetal taste. There is vanilla with some caramel, and a chocolate/coffee, butterscotch taste. I can detect some honey and a hint of cinnamon and lime.

FINISH- a nice smooth, smoky, hint of bourbon, vanilla and caramel taste. It takes it's time leaving the flavorful, quality juice behind.

Both expressions of Malinalli are equivalent to much more expensive tequila. This Extra Añejo is a great deal, and for this price, this XA can be compared with others costing double the price. I LOVED BOTH the Blanco and the Extra Añejo.

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