Long Island Lou's TOP 40 Anejos UNDER $55.

Long Island Lou's  TOP  40 Anejos UNDER $55.


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For different reasons, many people look for the aged Tequilas. They have that warm, smooth, flavorful, caramel, oak/whiskey/bourbon presence, along with some vanilla and maybe butterscotch. These are all affordable Anejos that I tasted and rated, strictly in THIS price range. Some excellent Anejos like Terralta, Azunia Black and Alquimia, amongst others, are over this amount, but you have to set a limit somewhere. I like more natural tasting, preferably additive-free and not an 'overly' oaky and balanced taste profile.

I am rating them in order of MY preference, and I can only rate tequilas I have tried. You may or may not agree with my rating order, as people's profile preferences are different. I have listed my preferences in an overall 1-5 Rating (5 being highest). I think for this price, most here will fit the bill as a nice sipper, without breaking the bank too badly. I hope it helps.

You Can't Go Wrong With The Top 24 on this List, out of the 40 Listed here


T1 Estelar= 4.5 -rich/fruit/caramel/mild heat/smoke/nice

Siembra Azul= 4.5 -smokey/mint/vanilla/caramel/pleasant

Siete Leguas= 4.5-smoke/mint/vanilla/caramel/very pleasant

G4= 4.5 -sweet/silky/anise/butter/minerals/pepper

Pasote= 4.5 -soft/van/olive/sweet/caramel/cinn/smoke

Gran Dovejo= 4.5 -cherry/cinnamon/vanilla/oak/dry flavors

Don Pilar= 4.25-oak/butterscotch/caramel/smoke/vanilla

Manana= 4.25-spice/fruit/citrus/choc/smoke/salt/bold

El Tesoro= 4.25-van/sweet/car/some alc/pep/agave/oak/cit

Mi Casa= 4.25-oak/smoke/honey/cherry/van/caramel/spice

Suerte= 4.25-cin/spice/honey/butter/van/smok/cit/frui

Aha Yeto= 4.25-honey/sweet/spice/pep/cinn/butterscotch

Tapatio= 4.25-smoky/mint/spice/caramel/butter/smooth

Maracame= 4.25-carm/nut/van/spice/pep/honey/fruit/sweet

Los Tres Tonos= 4.25-sweet agave/cinn/oak/van/smoke/some alc

El Mayor= 4.25 -spice/smooth/buttery/light

DesMaDre= 4.25-sweet/honey/cin/spice/carm/van/smk/fruit

Dulce Vida= 4.25(100pr)-oak/heat/spice/fruit/caraml/nice

Oro de Lidia= 4.25-smk/florl/carm/choc/frut/van/chery/honey

Arette (Classic)= 4.25- spice/honey/carmal/van/smooth/balanced

Calle 23= 4.25-van/carm/fruit/oak/smke/sweet/honey/spce

Villa Lobos= 4.25-smoke/sweet/caramel/soft/smooth/fragrant

Casa Noble= 4.25- smooth/almond/sweet/honey/caramel/cream

Tres Agave= 4.25-caramel/b'scoth/van/cin/smoke/cit/fruit

Avion= 4 -oak/vanilla/sweet/smoke/spice/light/thin

Realeza Mexicana= 4 -cinn/caraml/spice/fruit/alc/smooth/sweet

Herradura= 4 -sweet/bourbon/vanilla/smooth/mild heat

Partida= 3.75-mint/smoke/thin/alc/hot/caramel/vanilla

Gran Centenario(Blue)= 3.75 -sweet/oak/carm/light/smoke/heat/numbing

Patron= 3.75-mint/spice/light/smoke/bland/not great

Chinaco= 3.75 -caramel/sweet/heat/fruit/spice/thin

Don Julio= 3.5 -light flavors/mild caramel/thin/hot

Kah= 3.5 -sweet/hot/spicy/citrus/oak/thin

Paqui= 3.5 -spice/oak/sweet/light cream/van/light

Tres Culturas= 3.5 -spice/smoke/oak/medium oil

Correlejo= 3.25-van/spice/mild smoke/heat/thin/light

Olmeca Altos= 3.25-decent value brand

Riazul= 3.00-oak/clove/honey/spicy/sweet/artificial

Casamigos= 3.00- spice/sweet/van/cream/hot/artificial

Don Julio 70th= 3.00-mint/smoke/vanila/hot/sweet/artificial

For Under $55...These Anejos should Work For You

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